2019 Events

  • June 16-19, Florence: Presentation of Global Innovation Readiness: The Key Success Factors; Facilitation of Innovation Leadership Roundtables, ISPIM XXX Innovation Conference, Italy.
  • May 13-23, Kathmandu: Launch and delivery of Empower Social Innovation Program for Youth, Nepal.
  • Feb 20, Paris: Delivery of Leading Innovation and Co-creation, Executive Education Seminar, ESCP Europe, France.

2018 Events

IMUB-IMcourse-KJ (2)

    • July 27, Silicon Valley: Succeeding in International Markets: The Global Readiness Drivers, Webinar, 280 Group and AIPMM, San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA
    • July 5, Paris: Global Innovation through Inclusive Leadership, Inspirational Talk, Senior Leadership Development Program, Paris, France
    • May 28-30, Paris: Rebooting International Co-operation: Reimagining the Future, IdeaFactory Workshop, OECD Forum 2018 ‘What Brings Us Together’, Paris, France. 
    • May 24-25, Paris: Leading in a Multicultural and Networked Environment: Facilitating Innovation and Collaboration, Presenter, Conférence ATLAS Management International, Paris, France. 

2017 Events

IMUB-IMcourse-KJ (2)

    • Dec 14, Bangalore: Leading Global Product Innovation: The New Leadership Competencies, Webinar Presenter, Institute for Product Leadership, Executive MBA Program, Bangalore, India
    • Nov 1, Paris: Launch Celebration and Book Signing for ‘Leading Global Innovation’, Paris, France
    • Sep 20, Paris: Mastering Global Innovation and Collaboration: The New Leadership Skills, Evening Seminar, Centre de Leadership et Efficacité Organisationnelle, NEOMA Business School, Paris, France
    • Jul 3-5, Dubai: Facilitating Local Collaboration and Innovation In Emerging Markets, Academy of International Business Annual Conference, Presenter and Session Chair, Dubai, UAE
  • Jun 19-21, Vienna: Mastering the Art of Multicultural Innovation: The Leader as Maestro, ISPIM XXVII Innovation Conference, Presenter and Roundtable Facilitator, Vienna, Austria