Are you Ready for a Global Launch?
Let Global Minds Network take you for a test drive.

Need to ensure global launch success for your next initiative? Global Minds Network would like to offer a free one hour evaluation to review organizational collaboration and innovation practices that ensure project success worldwide. As part of this review, you will also receive a free copy of the latest Global Collaboration and Innovation Report based on interviews with executives and senior managers from leading multinational organizations based in Asia, Europe, and North America.

Test your readiness and determine whether you need a global innovation facilitator in your organization. Review the Global Readiness Check List and send an email to to set up a readiness review session to enjoy a test drive and to receive a copy of our report.  We look forward to meeting with you soon!

Global Readiness Checklist:

1. Have you developed an inclusive vision and plan?
2. Have you optimized ideation and knowledge-sharing in local and regional markets?
3. Does your project process ensure effective local market execution?

4. Do you have an internal communication process to engage and align teams worldwide?
5. Do you have a consistent collaboration framework and process worldwide?
6. Does your global communication plan connect teams to local customers?

7. Do you have the platform and tools for global ideation and knowledge-sharing?
8. Is your team knowledgeable and responsive to international innovation needs?
9. Does your team have the knowledge and skills necessary to collaborate across cultures?
10. Do you have a global readiness program that provides you with a complete solution?