With consecutive, profitable quarters, this leading business-to-business software provider enjoyed rapid growth and a global leadership position. In order to leverage sales opportunities and sustain market momentum worldwide, the client wanted to ensure a global readiness program for aligning internal teams, increasing organizational efficiency, market awareness, and sales worldwide. However, the client faced challenges with the global plan, especially in driving the project and team process from concept to market. Key challenges involved  concept creation and internationalization requirements, communication and teamwork across functions and regions, and alignment between marketing and sales worldwide. Global Minds Network developed a Global Innovation Readiness program to accomplish the following objectives:5

  •  Align global product innovation to company goals and objectives.
  • Facilitate introduction of an international team and project process.
  • Create alignment between executive, cross-functional, and cross-regional teams for co-creating the global plan (vision, strategy, messaging, and execution).
  • Facilitate communication with cross-functional and cross-regional teams to ensure global and local understanding, participation, and ownership.
  • Optimize internal knowledge and resources to ensure local marketing and sales readiness.


Global Minds Network performed organizational and team audits in conjunction with a global readiness group including executive, cross-functional, and cross-regional team members. Within four months, Global Minds Network planned, developed, and delivered critical readiness solutions to ensure internal alignment and timely launch execution. With the rollout of the new global readiness framework and process, three critical areas of alignment were addressed:

  • Marketing Readiness: Implementation of a launch framework and process led by corporate marketing in partnership with product marketing.
  • Organizational Readiness: Alignment between corporate marketing and internal teams to address readiness for product development, marketing, sales, and services.
  • Global Readiness: Alignment between Americas, EMEA, and APAC to ensure a consistent global strategy with a local focus.

In order to achieve organizational alignment and to develop an effective team and project process, global strategies and tools were introduced for key solution areas: Strategic Planning, Internal Communication, and Global Education/Sales Readiness. The executive and core teams co-created a global plan and road map to enable launch success worldwide. The new, internal communication process helped facilitate team engagement and collaboration across functions and geographies. A sales readiness team identified local sales communication and training needs for launch alignment across regions. Additional improvements were evaluated and recommended through a post-launch team evaluation. As a result, Global Minds Network helped enable organizational change, global innovation performance and international market success. This resulted in a global readiness framework and process that enabled improved understanding, participation, and ownership by cross-functional and cross-regional teams.

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