Creating a Global Innovation Culture

What does an innovation culture mean to you? A magical space? A game room? An alternative universe? There’s a lot of talk and buzz about creating an innovation culture yet it seems to defy explanation. A ‘je ne sais quoi’

Empowering Youth Entrepreneurs for Social Impact

How can youth from impoverished communities find a purposeful path and professional opportunities for their future? This challenge was presented to me by Michael Hess, the Founder of Nepal Orphans Home (NOH), when I asked him if there were other

Where’s the Local Market Intelligence?

In a rapidly changing business world that celebrates the coming of Industry 4.0 and the role of AI in transforming products and services, the buzz is still missing on the leadership and organizational practices that will enable such transformations. And

Global Innovation Leadership: Are You Ready for 2019?

Today’s business context is placing leaders within a global network of collaborators where change and innovation are the key drivers. They are facing demands to facilitate knowledge-sharing with cross-functional and cross-cultural teams as well as the need to orchestrate the

Ready to Drive Global Innovation?

Everyone is mesmerized by the mystery and magic of innovation and new technologies through AI, Blockchain, IoT, AR/VR, Digital Ecosystems and more. Conversations center around the latest gadgets and solutions as well as the future impact of a digital life.

Moving From Global to Multicultural Innovation

The inability of organizations to facilitate multicultural collaboration can affect innovation in terms of concept design, strategy, operational efficiency, customer connection and sales performance in international markets. There are many stories of failed concepts and launches that have been re-told