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Innovating and Moving Forward in 2022

How can leaders transform current challenges to innovation opportunities in a constantly changing landscape? Our Global Innovation and Marketing Leader Bryan Semkuley shares his reflections and thoughts on global innovation readiness and how to prepare through execution mastery this year.

Celebrate a Connected World this Holiday Season

The holiday season brings a timely pause for reflection, conversation, and celebration of a year that brought opportunities despite the challenges of an evolving online and hybrid world. Take time to light the virtual campfire and invite your teams to

Innovating for a Better World Webinar Series

The Global Innovation Readiness Webinar Series “Innovating for a Better World” brought the latest insights and inspirations for leading global innovation, from strategies for innovation to facilitating inclusive leadership for multi-cultural teams. Designed as a monthly program from January to

Accelerating Social Entrepreneurship for Youth in Ghana

Following the success of the Empower Social Entrepreneurship Program (ESEP) in Nepal, Global Minds Network launched an online pilot program in Ghana on June 22 with local partner HOPin Academy in Tamale. In fulfilling the mission of accelerating youth entrepreneurship

Becoming a True Global Leader

As we approach the end of 2020, some of us might be wondering “how did we get here?” What a year it has been, after all. We have been asked, perhaps demanded, to get comfortable with the uncomfortable. To break

Summer Internship in a Pandemic Crisis: A Light in the Darkness

“Happy New Year!” “I can’t wait for 2020” “2020 please be good to me” These are random New Year wishes that I had when Earth turned 2020. All of us were patiently waiting for 2020 with dreams and hopes. We

Creating A Human-centric World

As we enter 2020 and the start of a critical decade, we have been forced to take a long moment of reflection as a result of home confinement during the pandemic crisis. It is a profound time period where humanity

Creating a Global Innovation Culture

What does an innovation culture mean to you? A magical space? A game room? An alternative universe? There’s a lot of talk and buzz about creating an innovation culture yet it seems to defy explanation. A ‘je ne sais quoi’

Empowering Youth Entrepreneurs for Social Impact

How can youth from impoverished communities find a purposeful path and professional opportunities for their future? This challenge was presented to me by Michael Hess, the Founder of Nepal Orphans Home (NOH), when I asked him if there were other

Where’s the Local Market Intelligence?

In a rapidly changing business world that celebrates the coming of Industry 4.0 and the role of AI in transforming products and services, the buzz is still missing on the leadership and organizational practices that will enable such transformations. And