Global Innovation Readiness Inspirations
Online Talks and Webinars to inspire your leaders and teams

Our Global Innovation Readiness solutions align and inspire innovation cultures by empowering leaders and teams to collaborate and innovate for global and local impact. From advising to training, we can help you design custom solutions for facilitating and orchestrating innovation with your leaders and teams around the world.

Try our sampler menu of free online talks and webinars to energize your team meetings, work sessions, or company events in 2021-22. We can deliver topics that inspire you to lead, facilitate or orchestrate innovation, here are few themes from our international thought leaders:

  • LEAD: Leading Global Innovation, Leading and Living Innovation, Compassionate Leadership
  • FACILITATE: Multicultural Team Collaboration, Empowering Virtual Teams, Connecting the Global Network
  • ORCHESTRATE: Concept or Idea, Systematic Ideation, Big ‘I’ Innovation, Global Innovation Readiness

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