Do you need to increase international visibility and impact for key strategic initiatives?

How can you ensure global innovation and multicultural collaboration for accelerating organizational performance worldwide?

Global Minds Network delivers consulting, facilitation, and training services that accelerate global innovation and multicultural collaboration for international leaders and teams. Our Global Innovation Readiness solutions are designed to facilitate creation, strategic planning, and execution of new initiatives. We enable our clients to deliver valuable solutions, drive change, and succeed in international markets.

In collaboration with our clients, we design and deliver internal solutions that support improved global innovation performance for today’s international, multicultural, and digitally connected environment. Our framework provides international organizations with the vision, dialogue, and space required for inspiring creativity and collaboration worldwide. We help strengthen your competitive advantage through global innovation readiness.

Global Minds Network offers flexible, customized, and cost-effective services for your organizational needs. For more insights on our services, read about our capabilities below, learn about a success story or take a test drive.



Create a vision and plan that inspire cross-cultural and cross-functional teams to accelerate global innovation performance. We can help you:

  • Evaluate and design your global innovation readiness framework.
  • Perform organizational and team audits.
  • Facilitate ideation and planning sessions.
  • Develop collaborative platforms and processes.
  • Master new skills required for leading global innovation.



Facilitate an inclusive dialogue through communication solutions that empower teams to connect, share, and learn worldwide. We can help you:

  • Optimize knowledge and ideas within your global network.
  • Design communication strategies for inclusive dialogue.
  • Understand culturally diverse views for front-end innovation.
  • Develop cross-cultural learning and knowledge-sharing methods.
  • Improve local market intelligence with teams and customers.



Captivate your organization through a global innovation culture and climate where teams collaborate from idea to execution. We can help you:

  • Present talks for team meetings and corporate events.
  • Deliver seminars for corporate training needs.
  • Design a collaborative team process, from concept to market.
  • Shape a global innovation culture through key readiness drivers.
  • Strengthen team climate and performance through multicultural innovation.