Empowering Entrepreneurs in Developing Economies through Social Innovation

In addressing the current innovation gap for developing economies, Global Minds Network is collaborating with local business schools and non-profit organizations to design a unique two-month capacity-building program that empowers and engages high potential youth in social entrepreneurship, from concept to execution.

The ‘ENACT’ pilot project will be launched in Kathmandu, Nepal in May 2019. Devastated by earthquakes and floods, Nepal is a struggling country that is trying to re-build its economy yet is challenged with a 42% unemployment rate and more than 25% who live below the poverty line. There is a lack of resources, support, and education for entrepreneurial innovation that can empower Nepal’s youth and women to create new opportunities.

We are currently seeking financial contributions towards the pilot project cost of US$10,000. Contributions will help finance program participants through lodging, meals, transportation, supplies, and training resources. We believe that fundamental challenges of economic disparities, poverty, women’s empowerment, and youth unemployment can be addressed through the power of social entrepreneurship in impoverished communities.

Let’s create positive change and new opportunities for the next generation of local and global entrepreneurs. We need your support and funding to ENACT meaningful change for Nepal’s youth and communities in poverty – If you would like to contribute, please visit (link).