Rohit Ramesh

Global Development Intern

Rohit Ramesh is a Global Development Intern responsible for the coordination and support of International Strategy and Partnership initiatives and activities at Global Minds Network.

Rohit is currently in his junior year of a BBA program specializing in Economics and Political Communication at George Washington University, DC USA. He has demonstrated impressive leadership skills through his service to AIESEC, an NGO dedicated to global leadership development for youth. Serving as President of the AIESEC DC Local Committee, he leads a team of student officers and members while planning and implementing global and local student recruitment as well as development of student internships with corporate partners. In addition to serving on the AIESEC US Finances Sub-Committee, he serves as a Plenary Representative at AIESEC US where he attends quarterly meetings with the Board of Directors to provide reports and findings on local committees in the US. He is also a member of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity’s Washington City Rho Chapter.

Rohit enjoys an active academic and work life where he can create new opportunities through his strengths in leadership development, team-building, communication and data analysis.