Global Innovation Readiness Event Series 2022
Creating Greater Impact
Launch Event July 20 > Fall Series every first Weds Sep 7 to Dec 7

You’re invited to Season 3 of our online event series to accelerate readiness and impact for your initiatives in 2022 and beyond. A rapidly changing innovation landscape in a multicultural and networked world requires new competencies. How can international leaders and geographically distributed teams collaborate and innovate for greater impact? Throughout this new season, you will learn what it takes through our valued framework, the top Innovation Readiness Indicators, and the expertise of our International Advisory team.

Starting with the launch event on July 20, you’ll receive an overview of the key Readiness Indicators while testing your innovation fitness level. The Fall series will follow from Sept 7 to Dec 7 to guide you through essential practices for ensuring effective leadership, strategic alignment and execution readiness. Join us every first Wednesday of the month for an hour of insights, discussions, and case examples from our International Advisory team, speakers, and participants who are leading initiatives around the world.

If you’re responsible for leading or facilitating initiatives within your organization, this online event series can offer valuable insights for your planning and execution needs. We welcome executives, leaders, and managers responsible for international projects, products, services, and/or innovation programs, as well as those who are guiding global HR, OD, change, learning and/or leadership development programs.

Sign up for our Global Innovation Readiness Series below to benefit from every session of this interactive learning journey. Don’t miss the launch event on July 20 with the four part series every first Weds of the month, from Sep 7 to Dec 7 at your local time: Thurs 8h PDT / 11h EDT / 16h BST / 17h CEST / 20h30 IST

Jul 20 | Creating Greater Impact in 2022 and Beyond

The launch event will explore how to create global and local impact for your initiatives through the Six Global Readiness Indicators, insights and exchanges with international leaders, and an innovation fitness test for your initiatives. Hosted by Global Minds Network Founder Karina R. Jensen with talks from our International Advisors and Thought Leaders Stephan Coridon, Thomas Arend, Debjyoti Paul, and Bryan Semkuley Register and enjoy this valuable exchange and networking opportunity with speakers and participants!



Sep 7 | Leading an Inclusive Innovation Journey

The first session will focus on global leadership competencies for inspiring and engaging teams and stakeholders, from concept to execution. Our International Executive Coach and Transformation Leader Stephan Coridon will talk about the role of human-centric behaviors while our Global Leadership and Innovation Advisor John Metselaar will provide insights on leading strategic co-creation. Enjoy this valuable exchange and stories shared by participants!



Oct 5 | Facilitating Multicultural and Digital Collaboration
The second session will explore how to facilitate multicultural collaboration in today’s hybrid environment with geographically distributed teams around the world. Our International Product Leader and Innovator Thomas Arend will address considerations for connecting and sustaining dialogue and engagement through case examples, from San Francisco to Paris to Bangalore. Join this valuable talk and stories shared by participants!



Nov 2 | Inspiring a Global Innovation Culture
Session three examines how to enable a global innovation culture and team climate that embraces digital transformation and organizational change. Our Global Change and Digital Transformation Leader Debjyoti Paul and guest speaker will share how the innovation journey and project process can optimize the collective intelligence of a digital network. Register and enjoy this valuable talk with stories shared by participants!



Dec 7 | Orchestrating Execution Readiness Worldwide
A turbulent and changing environment has created new challenges for leaders in orchestrating an effective innovation and execution process worldwide. Our Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation Thought Leader Michelle Messina and Global Innovation and Marketing Leader Bryan Semkuley will share what it takes for international readiness, from fast growth start-ups and SMEs to established multinational firms. Enjoy this valuable exchange and new insights!